Updates on COVID-19

As many of you are seeing from our local news, we have had several positive cases of the new virus confirmed in Wake County. So far all individuals have been self-quarantined at home and are doing well. 

I take cleanliness and sanitation seriously. Below you will find a list of actions I already take regularly to ensure a sanitary and safe space for my clients. 

  • I wash and sanitize my hands before and after working with each client.

  • All sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and fabrics that are used during a session are only used for that session. Dirty linens are stored in a trash bag and removed for laundering.

  • I sanitize the table, stool, oil dispenser, hand sanitizer bottle, and yoga mats between clients using hospital-grade disinfectant. The table is covered with a waterproof covering that keeps the cushioning from coming into contact with clients.

  • All toys used during a session are set aside for cleaning in a bleach solution. No dirty toys on my watch! The ball is sprayed and wiped down with the hospital-grade disinfectant and allowed to dry. (I make sure to rinse them all so that your child isn’t coming into contact with bleach.)

  • My payment processing equipment is sanitized between clients.

  • If you or your child is ill, please reschedule your appointment. If I am ill, I will reschedule all appointments.

I am now scheduling clients further apart so I can clean doorknobs and other public fixtures between each session.

I have been mindful of my health and exposure to illness for the past several months and will continue to adjust my lifestyle accordingly so I minimize my risk of exposure.

The office is shared with another provider. If you all have a preference for coming in at times when the waiting room will be empty so you can practice social distancing, please let me know and I’ll give you those options.

If your child or anyone in your family is immunocompromised, I recommend either delaying massage therapy or speaking with me about in-home massage therapy options.

If you are sick or feeling sick, please reschedule your appointment! If anyone in your family is ill or if you all have traveled recently, please consider rescheduling if we determine that is in everyone’s best interest. I typically waive late cancellation fees for illness and will continue to do so for the remainder of flu season.

Let’s keep washing our hands, reducing our susceptibility to infections through good lifestyle choices, and caring well for the people around us.

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